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Grant Gulych

Grant Gulych



Master Golf Teaching Professional

Top 100 Instructors Worldwide

2017 U.S. Senior Cup Champion

The Art of Golf Instruction

Easy Chip & Pitch Shot

  I always hear from students that they need help with their short game. I have seen just about every swing, stance and ball position to chip the ball. This style will allow you to have more control over your distance, club and direction. This shot can be used for low or more lofted shots.

1) Ball Position-    The ball should be placed in the centre of your stance and choke down almost to the shaft of                                 the club for better control.

2) Wrists-               Your wrists on take away  DON’T  hinge, keep them straight. On the finish you will notice the                                 wrists did not bend, they are extended towards the target.

3) Impact-               You hit the ball on a downward motion using the loft of the club to create the desired loft on                                 your shot. Accelerating through the ball. Never de-ccelerate the club head.               

4) Club Position-   On the finish you should be able to look down the shaft of your club and see the target.  

5) Back Foot-        Your back foot on the take away and at impact stays planted on the ground. After hitting the                                 ball the back foot should turn slightly so you can turn your hips towards the target.

6) Hand Position-  When addressing the ball your hands are slightly ahead of the ball, then on the take away they                                 stay below the waist. Impact the hands are slightly more forward of the ball than at address                                 creating a down and through the ball motion. At finish the hands are about waist height and                                 extended towards the target.

  Keep in mind as you look at the photos, the head never lifts from address to impact and the eyes are always on the ball. The stroke is like a firm putt, short back swing and follow through. Also the take away is the same club height as the finish club height. If you follow these simple directions, it will make the shots around the greens much easier.

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